Army Vet and Avid Runner Returns to Running Thanks to ARPwave!

Army Vet and Avid Runner Returns to Running Thanks to ARPwave!


Ray running with US Flag during a race


Ray is a retired Army combat veteran who has a passion for running and being outdoors. As a retired Army veteran, he has put his body through quite a lot. From rigorous training to combat injuries, his body has experienced it all. After retiring, Ray returned back to do what he enjoyed, being outdoors but he also picked up the hobby of running. What started out as 5K run quickly turned into 10K, half marathons, full marathons, ultra-marathons, obstacle course runs and more!


Ray and his son in uniform together


Ray on Humvee


Destroyed Humvee


Ray is use to pushing his body’s limits and enduring quite a bit but he began to experience pain in his feet, ankles, calves, hips and low back so bad that brought all his running to a halt. Ray’s pain physically debilitated him and mentally demoralized him. Ray needed to figure out what was causing his pain and how to resolve it in order to get back to doing what he loved, running and being outdoors.


Ray running with US Flag during a race


Ray Exploring the Outdoors


Ray competing in a Spartan Run


By using the ARPwave we were able to pinpoint the origin to as why and what was causing his pain. After just using the ARPwave once to treat the origin of his pain he expired a great deal of relief in his pain. Shortly after starting his ARPwave protocol, Ray became completely pain free in all the areas he was experiencing discomfort. He returned to running with an ambitious goal. Ray set out to complete a full marathon in only 45 days of training! This would be the least amount of time he had ever trained for a full marathon. With all the progress he had seen using ARPwave he was highly confident he could achieve his goal. With two full fewer weeks of training and with the help of ARPwave, Ray completed the Virtual Marine Core Marathon pain free!


Ray after completing the Marine Corps Marathon


Ray has returned fully to running, exploring the outdoors and living a pain free lifestyle thanks to ARPwave! Check out his testimonial below!



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