ARPwave Helps an Athlete/Veteran ON and OFF the Court.

Gil is a retired veteran who unfortunately suffered a spinal injury on active duty serving this great country. In the last 25 years Gil has had to adapt and improvise around his disability. Being the strong vet he is, it was not long before Gil was back in the gym training. Shortly after he found himself on a basketball court, not only as a player but also a coach for the Spurs’ wheelchair basketball para-sports team.
During one of his games, Gil suffered a shoulder injury. Following the game he tried to return to his usual training but the pain never dissipated and was far too much to endure. This injury not only prevented him from accomplishing daily tasks but it also kept him off the basketball court. That is until a teammate and fellow veteran recommended that he try ARPwave therapy at Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab.
After completing his very first session, it was like he had turned over a new leaf. His energy level was back up and his pain level had reduced over 50%. Throughout his treatments Gil continued to improve tremendously. By the end of his therapy he was back to living his very active life style, having little to no issues with his daily functions, pain free and back on the court playing and coaching again!
Since completing his shoulder protocol, Gil has continued with his ARPwave therapy to improve his posture, daily functions, voluntary muscle control and improve on his sport performance.
Check out Gil’s ARPwave testimonial to hear it from the man him self!

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