@ARPwaveSA & @HandiApp: Multiple Sclerosis Management with ARPwave

What is the story behind  @HandiApp?

@HadiApp, a handy app for the handicap. Living in a wheelchair or scooter can be daunting whether that be from an injury, birth defect or disease. The founder of HandiApp was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis but he believes dealing with a disability does not mean you are disabled. “Not disabled by my disability from MS” reads at the top and center of his bio. Wheelchair users or #wheelers as he refers to them, have to take things into account an average person wouldn’t think of. Such as, the turn radius in bathrooms, elevation/terrain changes, traveling accommodations, the height of sinks/tables,  and much more. HandiApp’s goal is to share the good and the bad accessibility in San Antonio, TX and across the country. Through their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram, @HandiApp. In hopes to provide as much insight to fellow wheel chair users in order make this an #AccessibleWorld for all.

Along the journey, HandiApp’s chiropractor had recommenced he try ARPwave in order to manage his multiple sclerosis. HandiApp came to Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab to get some relief from some extremely tight and weak muscle groups in a variety of areas throughout his body. The most bothersome being his calves, hips, lower back and neck. With all of this “tightness” across his body, HandiApp found himself becoming less and less mobile. Since his very first treatment with ARPwave Neuro Therapy he’s had a tremendous amount of relief, increased mobility and decreased discomfort. This has allowed him to fly to California, go to a concert, check out some new spots in San Antonio and share his experience with all of his followers. The following posts will take you through HandiApp’s inspiring and continuing journey with ARPwave here at NSP&R.


One of our favorite patients @handi.app putting up another 💯 during one of his #ARPwave treatments. Paul uses ARPwave to manage his #MultipleSclerosis symptoms like muscle spasms, atrophy, stiffness and pain. Check out some of the progress he’s made on his strength, stability and control!



Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab share a clinic facility with Huebner Chiropractic. Huebner Chiropractic held an October photo competition with the office skeleton, Ralph McBones. The patient who posted the best photo would receive an hour massage. After finished a great session of ARPwave neuro therapy, Paul became aware of the competition on the LAST day of October, Halloween! He would go on the win the competition and hour massage! Congratulations @handiapp!!

“Happy Hoalloween💀🎃☠️

I love Huebner Chiropractic. The employees are awesome, Dr. Early and her team make you feel so welcome you are looking forward your next visit. I am always wanting to feel just normal without pain even if it is just for a sec. I get exactly that from my adjustments…Relif and comfort that last through the day and has lasting effects with constant maintenance; this is why I love my Hubner Chriopactic 🎃💀”



“After a week of traveling my body reverted back to spasms, tightness, clonus and overall stiffness. Got my ARP session with Paul today and all I can say is…look at that smile on my face. Fighting against MS is rough, depressing, stressful and a constant battle. Always just looking for a bit of “normality”, ARP has given me just that. Please look into @arpwavesa. As it has helped me, I hope it can help you.”



“Can’t get enough of this ARP therapy! Had a strengthening session with Travis today, and my muscles were engaging. Haven’t felt a muscle move in my leg like that since I can remember!!! When #MS says no, you make your body say YES. #disabilitystrong 💪” – HandiApp



Check out this incredible BEFORE and AFTER ARPwave Therapy. This particular patient has been suffering from extremely tight hip flexors from prolonged sitting in his various wheelchairs/scooters. You can see in the BEFORE (left) he’s unable to stand up fully without an immense pull in the front of his hips. AFTER (right) a treatment with #ARPwave he was able to stand up completely without any discomfort. We’re excited to see what future success we’ll have together!

Here what’s @handi.app had to say about his therapy “Another great session with Travis @arpwavesa . From being in a seated position all the time my hip flexors are weak which causes a pull on my posture. After my session I am able to stand up right without the pain or hardship of trying. To all my #Wheelers, please look into ARP as it has helped me, I wish it for you!” – HandiApp



“3rd session of ARP with Travis @ArpWaveSA! Had a great loosening protocol on my legs(they were super tight and now are NOT)‼️Also had work done on my back/neck/shoulders because I’ve been experiencing tingles and tightness with limited range of motion, especially after our trip to San Diego. Went from not being able to move my neck or rotate my head to having almost my full range of motion in my neck!! And all within 30 minutes. Thank you Travis for the stretch and workout💪🏽💪🏽 can’t wait to see what’s next😀

Please follow me and help make this world an #accessibleworld for me and many others like me 😊#handiapp @handi.app @handiapp1
#accessibleworld #wheelchair #powerchair #whips #handicap #mssociety #ms #sanantonio #NeuroSportsRehabilitation #handiapp @handi.app @handiapp1” – HandiApp



“Had my 1st NeuroMuscluar Stimulation therapy session Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab with Paul. Also known as #ARP wave system. I have extreme leg muscle spasms (and nerve damage) from my #ms making it impossible for me to move my foot/toes up&down over the last few months. During my treatment and for 5 hrs after, my calf muscle was finally relaxed and I could move my foot/toes. It may not look like much but it’s A LOT to me. Haven’t moved my toes/foot in a long time. Thank you NeuroSports for the stimulation

#accessibleworld #wheelchair #disabled #disability #dropfoot #handicap #handiapp #woundedwarriorproject #wheelers #ms @handi.app @ San Antonio, Texas” -HandiApp


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