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How To End Chronic Pain Using ARPwave Breakthrough Technology

How To End Chronic Pain Using ARPwave Breakthrough Technology Do you, or anyone you know, suffer from Chronic Pain? • Chronic Joint Pain • Chronic Muscle Pain ARPwave Has Brought It’s Patented & FDA Approved Neuro Therapy To San Antonio   Treatment that was once Limited is Now Available to Everyone in San Antonio!   […]

ARPwave Treatments to Game Winning Touchdowns!

Mid-season injuries can be detrimental to athletes. A serious injury can end a season in an instant. Less severe injuries can keep an athlete out for weeks to months and linger with them for the remainder of the season, taking a toll on their performance. Michelle plays Ladies Tackle Football for the Austin Acoustic in […]

How Can a 62 Year Old Martial Artist Continue to Compete?

Congratulations Jeff Bonugli – 2018 World Masters Jiu Jitsu Champion!!! At 62 years young and with 40+ years of martial arts training, competing and teaching, Jeff Bonugli has just proven that he is not yet ready for the “rocking chair”. It’s an interesting story! It all started back in 1974 when Jeff walked into the […]

SHATTERING SKEPTICISM: Hip Surgery Recovery Back on Track Thanks to ARPwave

In the last 10 years our understanding and ability to treat hip injuries has grown exponentially. With new state of the art surgical and rehabilitation equipment we have been able to return people to their sports and lives in ways we could not have imagined in the past. Christian was an extremely active individual. He […]

When No One Could Help, ARPwave ANSWERED.

Christian, a talented baseball player was suffering from debilitating knee pain that was having a detrimental effect on his game. He and his family looked for help and answers from some of THE best sport medicine clinics in the San Antonio area. After two years of consultations, examinations, x-rays and MRIs Christian and his family […]

Overcoming Sports Injuries: The Quickest Way Back Onto The Field

An injury to an athlete is not only detrimental physically but also neurologically. Kaitlyn, a college soccer player tore her ACL in the middle of the season, bringing an end to hers. After undergoing knee surgery, as a strong and determined athlete she sought to get back on to the field and training as soon […]