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How To End Chronic Pain

Do you, or anyone you know, suffer from Chronic Pain?
• Chronic Joint Pain
• Chronic Muscle Pain
ARPwave Has Brought It’s Patented & FDA Approved Neuro Therapy To San Antonio

Treatment that was once Limited is Now
Available to Everyone in San Antonio!

How Does It Work ???
• Let’s set the stage – think of yourself as a computer.
• All computers have two components, hardware and software.
• Doctors and therapists work on your hardware (your body).
• Neuro Therapy works on your software (your nervous system) which controls your hardware (your body).


Chronic Pain in knees, backs, hips, necks, shoulders & etc.  . . . is caused by the bodies inability to absorb force, which is a Neurological Function.
• When injury occurs, specialized cells migrate to the damaged area, isolating it, and begins repairing the damage.
• Injured tissue cells have lower electrical potential and will convert from positive to negative.
• Negatively charged cells create muscular scar tissue, which helps the body quarantine the area, and reduces blood supply along with neurological communication.
• This inability to absorb force allows force to go to the damaged tissue instead of the muscles the force should go to, creating a neurological compensation pattern and pain.


Neuro Therapy Resets the Nervous System and Creates a New Pattern Without Pain!
• Professional athletes along with weekend warriors use ARPwave Neuro Therapy to recover from injuries.
• Surgery patients use it to bring atrophied muscles back to life which improves positive surgical outcomes.
• Anyone with chronic pain can use ARPwave to find the neurological origin of their pain and treat the source of the pain rather than the symptom.
• First Session is FREE so you can see how Neuro Therapy can help you. Get your Free Treatment Voucher Here


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How Can a 62 Year Old Martial Artist Continue to Compete?

Congratulations Jeff Bonugli – 2018 World Masters Jiu Jitsu Champion!!!

At 62 years young and with 40+ years of martial arts training, competing and teaching, Jeff Bonugli has just proven that he is not yet ready for the “rocking chair”.

It’s an interesting story!

It all started back in 1974 when Jeff walked into the Soryu Karate Dojo in New Braunfels, TX and began his training under Chris Lopez, now known as Grand Master Lopez.

74 Years Young Grand Master Lopez Testing ARPwave

Flash forward 4 or 5 years . . . “The Good Old Days”, . . . “The Blood and Guts Days”, . . . “The All or Nothing Days” . . .

Jeff Bonugli meets ARPwave_mike (instagram@) in an early version of kickboxing, so early in fact, it was still known as Full Contact Karate. Little did these pioneers know, but they were trailblazing for a sport that would eventually evolve into today’s MMA. By the way, that is a young Grand Master Lopez standing next to his instructor, Texas Karate Pioneer Joe Alvarado (also Mike Primeau’s Instructor – the common denominator)

1. Mike Primaeu 2. Joe Alvarado 3. Grand Master Lopez 4. Jeff Bonugli Picture taken in 1979

As martial arts competition evolved, and martial artists tested their style vs other styles, many started crossing over and learning multiple styles. Stand up fighters learned ground fighting (Ju-Jitsu, Wrestling, . . . ) and ground fighters learned stand up (Kickboxing, Boxing and Muay Thai . . . )

Everyone scrambled to learn what everyone else knew.

The Teacher Becomes the Student

While ARPwave_mike was in New York training with future UFC Champ Matt Sarah, Jeff Bonugli went to work with his former karate student and now BJJ Black Belt Jason Yarrington, owner of Ohana Academy.

The Grand Master Becomes the Student

Not only did Jeff Bonugli check his ego at the door and start over as a white belt, so did his instructor, Grand Master Lopez.


Flash Forward another dozen or so years

• Jeff Bonugli is now 60 years old (counting on an abacus)
• 2 X IBJJF World Masters Champion
• 2 X Hall of Famer – Sport Karate & Kickboxing
• 9th Degree Black Belt and Grand Master of Soryu Karate
• And, still not ready for the rocking chair, but retiring from competition to teach.

2nd Meeting with ARPwave_mike

Mike saw on Facebook an announcement for the Grand Opening for the Jeff Bonugli

Family Jiu-Jitsu and Karate in New Braunfels, Texas

. . . and showed up with his ARPwave machine to do demos.

Mike reconnected with his old teammate, Champ Louis Arnold, met Jason Yarrington-owner of Ohana Academy, and Jason’s right hand man Gabe Reynaga, saw Alyssa Gomez promoted (Congrats), met UFC Badass Alexander “The Great” Hernandez, and had the opportunity to put the ARPwave on head Soryu Karate Instructor Jonny Coppado and Grand Opening host Sarah Burns Bonugli (Suffering from BJJ shoulder damage). And, Oh Yeah, Grand Master Lopez wanted a sample. Good times were had by all.

Obviously Jeff “He Himself” Bonugli was way too busy, but his wife Sarah recognized the opportunity, and invited Mike back to work on Jeff, and the rest is history.

Mike went to work on Jeff’s Neck & Shoulders, Low Back, and Knees. In a short time, Jeff was feeling so much better he started considering a trip to Las Vegas to defend his IBJJF World Masters Title

The 2018 IBJJF World Masters Championship quickly approached. But with ARPwave in his corner, Jeff, at the age of 62, found himself healthy, strong and confident. He entered the tournament looking to bring home the gold for the third time in his career! At the end of the night, Jeff once again, was standing on the top of the podium with gold draped around his neck and a BJJ Black Belt wrapped around his waist.



If you are reading this, you’ve probably already watched Jeff’s Testimonial Video, but if not, here it is . . . .

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SHATTERING SKEPTICISM: Hip Surgery Recovery Back on Track Thanks to ARPwave

In the last 10 years our understanding and ability to treat hip injuries has grown exponentially. With new state of the art surgical and rehabilitation equipment we have been able to return people to their sports and lives in ways we could not have imagined in the past.

Christian was an extremely active individual. He weight trained, played basketball and danced weekly. During a personal training session at the gym in 2016, he suffered and extremely painful hip injury. After many miss-diagnosis, he finally discovered he had torn his labrum in his left hip. The hip labrum has many important functions, including shock absorption, joint lubrication, pressure distribution, and aiding in stability. Damage to the labrum results in all of these becoming compromised. Following his diagnosis Christian underwent orthoscopic surgery to repair his torn labrum.

Eager to get back to his active lifestyle Christian began his rehabilitation process with confidence. But even after “graduating” from traditional physical therapy, he wasn’t back to his normal capabilities. His labrum may now be structurally healed but his range of motion was extremely limited, forcing his body to develop compensations around movements and positions daily. In addition his muscles were still extremely weak and imbalanced.

Dissatisfied with his current status he went on to try massage therapy, chiropractic care, and Airrosti. Christian had confidence in these treatment styles to return him to his normal active life. But still, they all fell short in providing him the results he wanted.  It almost seemed impossible at times that he would ever get back to doing the things he loved but he continued to seek out other possible answers. Scrolling through the web he came across a “Free Consultation” for ARPwave neuro therapy with Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab. So once again Christian found himself in another consultation. He was a bit skeptical of this cutting edge treatment alternative due to the history with previous treatments.

After undergoing an examination and a single ARPwave treatment his skepticism was shattered. The results he received from just that one treatment sparked hope again for Christian. “I was convinced I was going into something really, really, REALLY beneficial” he goes on the state.

Upon completing his ARPwave therapy Christian has completely eliminated his pain and regained his mobility. He is finally back in the gym training, playing basketball with his buddies and on track to getting back into his normal lifestyle. Listen to his inspiring testimonial in the video above.

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When No One Could Help, ARPwave ANSWERED.

Christian, a talented baseball player was suffering from debilitating knee pain that was having a detrimental effect on his game. He and his family looked for help and answers from some of THE best sport medicine clinics in the San Antonio area. After two years of consultations, examinations, x-rays and MRIs Christian and his family still didn’t have an answer nor a solution to treat his knee pain. Two years of constant pain and irritation on and off the field took a significant toll on his baseball game and athleticism. For Christian baseball was everything. He gave it his all and it even got him a scholarship with Trinidad State College in Colorado. This is such an accomplishment for a young player but unfortunately they had to pull their offer due to his recent injuries and struggling game because of it.

Luckily Christian found himself here at Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab. On his first appointment we were able to provide the origination of the problem and a solution on how to treat it using the ARPwave. Less than halfway through his neuro therapy program he was completely pain free and regained full mobility and usage. Since Christian has completed his ARPwave therapy he’s back on the field training, going to showcases and personal workouts in hopes to be playing baseball for a college this upcoming season. Christian, his family and the team at Neuro Sports Performance have high hopes for him to gain a new scholarship now that he is pain free thanks to ARPwave!

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Disc Dilemma: ARPwave Heals Herniated Discs

At any given moment 31 million Americans experience low-back pain. According to experts as much as 80% of the population will experience a back problem at some point in their lives.

Delia came to Neuro Sports Performance & Rehab with 2 herniated discs in her neck and 3 herniated discs in her back. Unfortunately, she fell into those shocking statistics. After trying injections, physical therapy, massage therapy and chiropractic care she found nothing that had any long term relief. The pain, stiffness, heaviness, weakness, decreased mobility and function crept back each time. That is until she tried ARPwave Neuro-Therapy. Delia had not only found a significant pain decrease but the long term relief she needed so desperately. Check out her inspiring testimonial on how she’s strong stronger and more mobile than ever thanks to ARPwave.


“Back Pain Facts and Statistics.” American Chiropractic Association,


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Rubin Dl. Epidemiology and Risk Factors for Spine Pain. Neurol Clin. 2007; May;25(2):353-71.

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ARPwave successfully treats chronic low back pain. Dennis an avid golfer, had his hobby come to a halt after dealing with years of chronic low back pain. Dennis’ body had taken a tole after many years of being and athlete, outdoors man and adventurist. Such stress resulted in him having a herniated disk and later a spinal fusion. Dennis’ golf instructor recommended that he go to Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab to try ARPwave therapy. Skeptical at first but later a bold believer, Dennis had his expectations exceeded as his low back pain vanished. Eager to get back on the course he noticed his game had not only returned but he had more endurance, strength, flexibility and was driving the ball 20 yards further! Back pain once kept Dennis off the course but thanks to ARPwave therapy he is back on the course better than ever!

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Neck Pain? NO PROBLEM!!

More than 70% of the United States population will experience neck or back pain sometime in their life time. Rita found herself amongst those 70% of Americans. Every day was a challenge as she struggled with constant heaviness, tension and pain in her neck and shoulders. Hobbies she once enjoyed participating in every day became impossible. To diminish her symptoms she spent her days sleeping, only dreaming she was back outside in her garden, sewing or taking a simple walk.

After diagnosing Rita with a herniated disc in her neck, her chiropractor referred her to our team of experts. Here at Neuro Sports Performance & Rehab Rita tried ARPwave, a neuro muscular therapy. Quickly the weight she experienced on her shoulders and neck that once confined her to her bed was lifted. At the end of her therapy she was back in her garden, talking long walks and completely back to her normal self. Since her therapy she has taken on several new hobbies and continued to remain pain free. Check out her testimonial to hear her tell her story!

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Third Annual Segs4Vets 5K

Founded in 2006, Segs4Vets is a non-profit organization gifting Segways to combat injured Vets of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. For the past three years the Segs4Vets 5K and Segway Maintenance Fair has donated Segways to veterans. Providing them with a tool that will better their lives. Allowing them to be able to be productive members of society, help their families and return to serving this great country.

As a veteran owned and operated clinic, Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab has gladly sponsored the Segs4Vets 5K since it started back in 2015. Each year giving out free treatments and information on the ARPwave therapy. As a clinic that strives to better peoples lives, the team at Neuro Sports Performance has made connections with people that have struggled with years of chronic pain and heart ache. After a quick demonstration and treat with the ARPwave, relief is provided instantly. In some cases for the first time years.

It doesn’t stop there. With a passion to work with athletes Neuro Sports Performance uses the ARPwave to allow athletes likes those running in the 5K to push their body to new limits and dramatically improve their sports performance. Chung, an ARPwave athlete not only ran in the Segs4Vets 5K but just finished her first half Ironman a few weeks before!

It’s not just Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab striving to better lives. Segs4Vets, Freetail brewery, all the runners, sponsors, volunteers and generous donators worked together to make it possible. On Sunday morning, November 12, in the rain, we did just that- we helped make it possible. Check out a short video capturing this great event.

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ARPwave Helps an Athlete/Veteran ON and OFF the Court.

Gil is a retired veteran who unfortunately suffered a spinal injury on active duty serving this great country. In the last 25 years Gil has had to adapt and improvise around his disability. Being the strong vet he is, it was not long before Gil was back in the gym training. Shortly after he found himself on a basketball court, not only as a player but also a coach for the Spurs’ wheelchair basketball para-sports team.
During one of his games, Gil suffered a shoulder injury. Following the game he tried to return to his usual training but the pain never dissipated and was far too much to endure. This injury not only prevented him from accomplishing daily tasks but it also kept him off the basketball court. That is until a teammate and fellow veteran recommended that he try ARPwave therapy at Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab.
After completing his very first session, it was like he had turned over a new leaf. His energy level was back up and his pain level had reduced over 50%. Throughout his treatments Gil continued to improve tremendously. By the end of his therapy he was back to living his very active life style, having little to no issues with his daily functions, pain free and back on the court playing and coaching again!
Since completing his shoulder protocol, Gil has continued with his ARPwave therapy to improve his posture, daily functions, voluntary muscle control and improve on his sport performance.
Check out Gil’s ARPwave testimonial to hear it from the man him self!

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Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab - Segs4Vets 5K 2017

We’re Back!!! Segs4Vets 5K

WE’RE BACK!!! For the third year in a row Neuro Sports Performance & Rehab will be a proud sponsor of this years Segs4Vets​’s 5K Sunday, November 12th at 10AM at the Freetail Brewery located 2000 S Presa St, San Antonio, Texas 78210. Check out a clip from last year’s event. In support of those who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey Segs4Vets is offering a 15% discount upon registration until September 15th. Use the code “TXSTRONG” for the discount.

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