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Chronic Low Back Pain

“I had a degenerative disc problem and…they did an L4 and L5 surgery. It kept me from doing a lot of things. It decreased my endurance quite a bit. I was a big golfer. I wasn’t even able to hit range balls. After about 10 treatments, I had a really big turnaround. The pain is gone. I’m hitting my drives about 20 yards further. I could not recommend it enough.”

DennisAvid Golfer

Chronic Knee Pain

“Over the years I have had a lot of ongoing and progressive knee pain which caused lack of mobility. Halfway through my ARPwave treatments I was already 100% more mobile.”


Chronic Foot & Ankle Pain

“About 18 months ago I had a major issue that caused me to have a lot of pain. I went and saw the ARPwave guys and about 6 months ago I started running again completely pain free. It’s completely changed my life. I went from running 3 miles to 10 miles to a half marathon and I completed a marathon a couple weeks ago. It’s been a great experience for me.”

BairdGolf Instructor

Obstacle Course & Pull-Ups

“In the last 30 days, I have experienced quantum leap improvement on the Salmon Ladder; going from 5 rungs to 9 rungs; and in the last 7 days I have increased from 74 pull-ups to 107, in the 15 Minute Pull-Up Challenge.”

Rohm StillingsSan Antonio,TX

Chronic Back & Hip Pain

“I’ve had some back and hip issues recently and had my first ARPwave session the other day. I feel so good. You see, the ARPwave breaks up scar tissue and re-educates the muscle to build strength to avoid future pain and injury.”

Steve CasanovaKONO 101.1 On-Air Personality

Post Knee Surgery (ACL)

“I’m a collegiate soccer player at UTSA and I tore my ACL four months ago. I came to Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab about two weeks after my ACL Surgery. I could barely walk. I could barely bend my knee…and after just a few treatments, I started seeing big results.”

KaitlynUTSA Soccer Player


“While training I was having a lot of pain in my hip flexors and in my shoulders from an old injury. I started the ARPwave therapy to address the pain and, shortly after that, it became my training. I gave up running just a couple months short of running across the country. The ARPwave therapy trained my body mechanics, alignment, staying in proper position, and I became so much more efficient.”

Helene NevilleCancer Survivor, Author

Shoulder & Ankle Injuries – Rapid Recovery

Alexander The Great Hernandez uses ARPwave Therapy to overcome injuries and wins multiple UFC victories

Alexander The Great HernandezUFC Fighter

Chronic Neck & Back Pain – Herniated Discs

“Try the ARPwave. It has been the best thing I have ever done for myself.”


Post Shoulder Surgery

“Back in 2014, I had a full reconstruction of my left shoulder and a separated AC joint in my right shoulder. Over the years, I tried multiple forms of therapy…but I wasn’t able to find the root of the problem. [The ARPwave at Neuro Sports Performance] actually helped me find the location of the problem…and from there, I was able to actually get that atrophy away, get my scapula firing the way it used to be…and get back to doing what I wanted to do. ”

BradPersonal Trainer