Neck Pain? NO PROBLEM!!

More than 70% of the United States population will experience neck or back pain sometime in their life time. Rita found herself amongst those 70% of Americans. Every day was a challenge as she struggled with constant heaviness, tension and pain in her neck and shoulders. Hobbies she once enjoyed participating in every day became impossible. To diminish her symptoms she spent her days sleeping, only dreaming she was back outside in her garden, sewing or taking a simple walk.

After diagnosing Rita with a herniated disc in her neck, her chiropractor referred her to our team of experts. Here at Neuro Sports Performance & Rehab Rita tried ARPwave, a neuro muscular therapy. Quickly the weight she experienced on her shoulders and neck that once confined her to her bed was lifted. At the end of her therapy she was back in her garden, talking long walks and completely back to her normal self. Since her therapy she has taken on several new hobbies and continued to remain pain free. Check out her testimonial to hear her tell her story!

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