Rapidly Reprogram Your Golf Swing with ARPwave

GolfTEC’s Jerry Trevino and Neuro Sports Performance & Rehab’s Travis Boyd work together to improve a golfer’s swing. The results are impressive! Immediately after impact with the golf ball, you should feel as though the golf club extends right down the line of your target. Using GolfTEC’s swing analysis you can see in the first picture Dave has buckled his back leg, shrugged up and broke his wrist and elbow alignment. This results in the loss and re-direction of force, ultimately losing accuracy and distance. After using ARPwave and being coached up, in the second picture Dave transfers his weight to his front leg, maintains arm extension and doesn’t brake his wrist. This effectively allows all the potential force to be transferred from his legs to the end of his club and then into the ball. Now resulting increased accuracy and distance.


Following his treatment Dave looks to improve his golf performance using the POV ARPwave. Add us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram or subscribe to us on YouTube to stay up to date on Dave’s success with Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab as well as other stories!


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