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Optimize Your Recovery Time

Get on the road to recovery faster by utilizing in-home ARPwave NeuroTherapy treatments with the FlexDoctor. The device is portable, and combined with ARPwave guidelines, can be used on almost any area of the body to relieve stiffness or pain. The FlexDoctor is safe, effective, and all-natural, and is ideal for patients looking for a drug-free option.

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How Do I Get My Own FlexDoctor?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does My Purchase Include?

  • FlexDoctor unit
  • FREE Shipping
  • FREE Prescription from Dr. Early
  • FREE FlexDoctor Digital Guidebook
  • FREE 30 min office appointment to go over device
  • One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Two pin lead cable, charger, two elastic wraps, package of electrodes, two rubber electrodes and two sponges
  • Additional support and accessories available for purchase within the Shop
  • Fixed at 245 PPS

Can Anyone Use The FlexDoctor?

Do not use this product if you fall into any of these contraindication categories:

  • Pregnancy
  • Current or Recent History of Blood Clots
  • Implanted Cardiac Devices (Pacemaker or ICD)
  • Any other Implanted Electrical Device that cannot be
    powered off

Why Choose ARPwave

Expedited Shipping

Next Business Day

20+ Years of Experience

Over 500,000 Customers

100% Secure Checkout

Over 500,000 Customers

Assembled In The USA

FDA Cleared Products

When injury occurs, specialized cells migrate to the damaged area, isolating it, and begin repairing the damage.

Injured tissue cells have lower electrical potential and will convert from positive to negative.

Negatively charged cells create muscular scar tissue, which helps the body quarantine the area, and reduces blood supply along with neurological communication.

This inability to absorb force allows force to go to the damaged tissue instead of the muscles the force should go to, creating a neurological compensation pattern and pain.

Neuro Therapy Resets the Nervous System and Creates a New Pattern Without Pain!

Who Can Benefit From ARPwave Treatments?

Anyone Suffering From An Injury

Professional athletes along with weekend warriors use ARPwave Neuro Therapy to recover from injuries.

Surgery Patients

Post-surgery patients can use it to bring atrophied muscles back to life which improves positive surgical outcomes.

Chronic Pain Sufferers

Anyone with chronic pain can use ARPwave to find the neurological origin of their pain and treat the source of the pain rather than the symptom.

Common Conditions Treated By ARPwave

  1. Neck, Shoulder and Upper Back Pain including Whiplash and Text Neck
  2. Post Surgery Rapid Rehab, Rotator Cuff Treatment, Knees, Shoulders and any Atrophied Muscle
  3. Arm Injuries, Tommy John, Elbow Pain, Carpel Tunnel, Tennis Elbow
  4. Low Back and Hip Pain including Glutes and Sciatica
  5. Knee Pain, Meniscus Treatment, Knee Replacement Pain, along with Quads & Hamstrings
  6. Feet, Ankles and Achilles Tendon Pain including Plantar Fasciitis

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