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Neuro Recovery was created by Denis Thompson CEO of ARPwave after years of working with elite amateur and professional athletes who sustained injury or had surgery.With the help of many of the top therapists from the majority of all professional teams Denis researched the history of how long it took to recover and return to play. Denis found that there is clear empirical history for all injury and post-surgical cases as to length of time the athlete could return to play.With this history as the foundation for return to play Denis set out to research WHY it took so long for recovery and shorten the time.

In his research it was clear to him the reason athletes return to play faster than general patient population from injury and surgery was the additional therapy they receive. The typical patient recovering from injury or surgery will see a therapist at the most 3 times a week where the athlete may have therapy 3 times a day. This was a small piece of the puzzle but it still did NOT answer the question WHY it takes so long to recover.

Denis felt there had to be a common denominator and it was clear it was NOT just the increased therapy sessions. When Denis began researching the neurological dominant state of all injured athletes and post-surgical cases he identified what he believed to be the common denominator. Denis then researched to see if the general patient population were in the same neurological state and they were.

With this information Denis then created a protocol to immediately address this neurological missing link and reverse it. Neuro Recovery is this missing link which allows ALL patients to move out of a sympathetic dominant neurological state to a parasympathetic dominant state.

The reason Neuro Recovery speeds up the recovery process is when a patient is in a sympathetic dominant state (fight or flight) most healing functions are for all intents and purposes shut down. The sympathetic system’s activity breaks down the body when stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol run. When this system dominates, energy is diverted from healing, building tissues, and eliminating waste.

Denis felt this was the answer to WHY it takes so long to recover from injury or surgery.

Armed with this information Denis created Neuro Recovery to move all patients from the sympathetic dominant state to parasympathetic state and to increase therapy time. All patients including elite amateur and professional athletes can now benefit by sleeping with Neuro Recovery which increases therapy from a max of 3 hours a day to now 11 hours a day.

The volume of therapeutic activity and the neurological reset accomplished by Neuro Recovery results in a dramatic reduction in time to recover from injury or surgery.


ARPwave Neuro Therapy was developed by Denis Thompson, the founder and CEO of ARPwave. Neuro Therapy was carefully designed to address the neurological origin of a problem, not just the symptoms. Present therapy and diagnosis (X-ray, MRI) address where symptoms end up (Pain Site, Breaks, Tears, Herniation, etc.). Because of this, many issues/injuries linger, reoccur and are never resolved. With over 40 years of researching symptoms and progression, it was clear that where the symptoms ended up, shed no light on why the symptoms began. Once we began researching the neurological ability of absorbing force we were able to answer “Why”.

The first step to being able to treat the neurological origin was to develop a testing protocol to make sure the patients nervous system is communicating properly to the muscles. ARPwave calls this critical step Neuro Efficiency testing. Years of research indicated the overwhelming majority of people were not neurologically efficient. It was clear that to treat the origin of the symptoms it was necessary to have the patient’s nervous system communicating efficiently to the muscles. This created the need to create a reset. The reset is to establish a client’s neurological ability to absorb force, this process is done without manipulation of any kind and ARPwave calls this a Neuro Reset.

Once the client is neurologically efficient, the next step was to create a diagnostic tool (RX100 ARPtrainer) and protocol to establish the break in communication from the nervous system to the muscles; after all, muscle is the outward expression of the nervous system. Dr. Björn Nordenström’s extensive research and studies, including his book, “Biologically closed Electric Circuits”, provides compelling evidence that the human body is a biologically closed electrical system and when disease or injury occurs, there is a charge formed in the affected tissue. This finding assists in explaining why ARPwave developed the diagnostic tools and protocol we use today. We can now identify the origin of the miscommunication and figure out what exactly is causing the symptoms. This step is called Neuro Diagnostics.

Since all symptoms of pain or restricted motion are a neurological pattern, ARPwave developed a 20 session treatment plan to disrupt the old pattern and create a new neurological pattern. ARPwave calls this step Neuro Pattern Reset. The philosophy behind the Neuro Pattern Reset is the greater the stimulus the greater the change. ARPwave’s Neuro Pattern Reset breaks old compensation patterns and dramatically improves functional strength allowing all clients to move freely without pain.

To date, ARPwave has treated hundreds of thousands of patients with Neuro Therapy with a better than a 95% success rate of eliminating pain, restricted range of motion, and atrophy.

ARPwave has thousands of the world’s most elite amateur and professional athletes as clients.