Accelerated Injury Recovery Testimonials

Multiple Injuries – Rapid Recovery

Alexander The Great Hernandez uses ARPwave Therapy to overcome injuries and wins multiple UFC victories

Alexander The Great HernandezUFC Fighter
Multiple Injuries - Rapid Recovery

Shoulder & Ankle Injuries – Rapid Recovery

“Our school trainer predicted I would be out for around 6 weeks. ARPwave helped me get back so fast that even the trainer made a comment about it.”

MicaylaVolleyball Player
Shoulder & Ankle Injuries - Rapid Recovery

Arm & Elbow Injury – Rapid Recovery

“I was 3 weeks away from a rock climbing trip that I really wanted to go on and I couldn’t hold a cup of coffee in my left hand! They said they could fix me. And on that tight time line, they did the job, the trip went off as a success.”

Rohm StillingsSan Antonio, TX
Arm & Elbow Injury - Rapid Recovery

Shoulder Injury – Rapid Recovery

“Sure enough, about half way through the treatment I noticed I was completely Pain Free, with increased mobility and range of motion.”

Cheyenne LilesTexas A&M Powerlifting Team
Shoulder Injury - Rapid Recovery

Shoulder Injuries – Rapid Recovery

“My activity had gone down because of the pain and limited use of the shoulder. I ran into a fellow veteran…who asked me to come out and try the ARPwave therapy. I gave it a shot and felt the difference in the initial first session I had. I felt energized. My pain was 50% down. I’m back to my active lifestyle of playing [and coaching] wheelchair basketball.”

GilRetired Disabled Army Veteran
Wheelchair Spurs Parasports Coach & Player
Shoulder Injuries - Rapid Recovery

Arm and Shoulder Injury – Rapid Recovery

Ryan Madson’s Story

Ryan Madson, a major league pitcher with the Kansas City Royals discovered ARPwave therapy through a friend, another MLB player who used ARPwave treatments to fix his shoulder and arm problems.

If you watch the video (from about 1:12 to 1:35), you can see Ryan training with the POV Sport and the Extreme Slow Protocols for pitchers.

Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab, San Antonio’s exclusive ARPwave clinic, has many of these Extreme Slow Protocols available for many sports, including Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, MMA, Soccer, Softball, Sprints, Tennis, Wrestling, and others.

“When I got hooked up to the ARPwave machine, I was a little nervous, just because of how everyone was treating my arm. But when I actually felt the ARPwave I knew I was going to be OK! And when they took it off, and I immediately felt better, I finally got a sense of relief, and a sense of hope, and I wanted to get back on it right away.”

Ryan MadsonMLB Baseball Pitcher
Arm and Shoulder Injury - Rapid Recovery

Knee Injury – Rapid Recovery

“I came here after a car accident with a knee injury. My physical therapist wasn’t helping at all and I saw a bunch of NFL guys coming in and out of here. They get hurt on the field and are supposed to be out for 3-4 weeks, and the next thing I know, they are back out on the field the next week as good as new. Within 2 minutes of being hooked up to the ARPwave I was doing full range of motion lunges with increase mobility and reduced inflammation.It’s been one of the best experiences training wise and learning wise, and I am very grateful.”

Yolanda ClairFitness Athlete / Personal Trainer / Former Collegiate Athlete
Knee Injury - Rapid Recovery

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