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ARPwave Eliminates Back Pain!

Arpwave neuro therapy helps back pain
Yvonne RN!

Meet Yvonne, a registered nurse who was suffering from chronic low back and hip pain for several years. Her symptoms only worsened over time. The pain she experienced became unbearable to the point she had surgery to fuse her spine in her low back. The spinal fusion helped alleviate some of her pain but she still suffered high levels of low back and hip pain regularly.

After the surgery, Yvonne lost a lot of mobility. Her range of motion dramatically declined and her pelvis was stuck in an anterior tilt. Daily tasks that once were a breeze to complete became daunting and very difficult. Yvonne struggled to walk, balance and sleep. The road she was headed down was not a good one and she needed a change of direction.

That is where Yvonne discovered ARPwave Neuro Therapy. By dealing directly with the body’s neuro-muscular system, ARPwave addresses the origin of her symptoms to rapidly reeducate, rehabilitate and eliminate pain. With the ability to contract the body’s muscles 500x per second, patients progress quicker than anything else on the market.

Yvonne was headed out of town but decided to come in for her ARPwave consultation first. Immediately after her first session with ARPwave, Yvonne noticed a huge improvement. Her pain decreased dramatically, her posture improved and she became much more mobile. With just a single treatment Yvonne was able to drive all the way from Texas to Nebraska for her trip without much of a low back or hip issue. Upon her return to Texas, Yvonne began her full prescribed treatment plan of ARPwave Neuro Therapy. With every passing treatment, her symptoms lessened more and more. After completing her therapy, she experiences little to no pain, sleeps much better, feels stronger, can and returned to correct posture!

Arpwave neuro therapy helps back pain
Yvonne with ARPwave PRS!

Yvonne is going to continue her ARPwave therapy outside the office by using the ARPwave Personal Recovery System or PRS. The ARPwave PRS is a small portable machine that allows patients to treat themselves on the go. By using the PRS you can continue to improve your strength, reinforce correct biomechanics, accelerate recovery time and eliminate pain.

Thanks to ARPwave Neuro Therapy, Yvonne is now headed down a great path with a bright future. Check out Yvonne tell the story herself in the testimonial below!

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Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab is the leading sports medicine and pain management clinic in San Antonio. We offer accelerated injury recovery, pain management, post-surgery rapid rehab, and sports performance and fitness services, using the FDA approved, patented, proprietary, and proven ARPwave system.

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