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Bells Palsy Treated with ARPwave

Leslie was 37 weeks pregnant and preparing for her baby shower when she started to notice something was “off” about one side of her face. She would go on to shake it off thinking she may have just had a bad night’s sleep. As the day carried on the right side of her face started to become more and more asymmetric. Three days later and her function started to become impaired. Leslie was slurring her words, leaking water from her mouth while drinking and even chocking at times. But with all the physical impacts the psychological ones weighed the heaviest.

Having your first born child should be a joyous occasion for a mother. Filled with fun times, photos, parties and more. After being diagnosed with Bells Palsy it felt like anything but that. With her face the way it was Leslie didn’t want to post photos on social media or attend parties in front of people. She couldn’t even smile and just wanted to get better and back to her normal self.

ARPwave helps Bells Palsy in San Antonio TX

With no suggestions for treatment from her doctor Leslie took it upon herself to start researching for possible solutions. After coming across ARPwave Neuro Therapy she decided to come into Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab for one of our free consultations. A couple days following her treatment was Mother’s Day. Leslie wanted nothing more for Mother’s Day than to start to become normal again. On Mother’s Day Leslie would get her wish. Following her ARPwave treatment she started to see small improvements.

ARPwave helps Bells Palsy in San Antonio TX
Leslie Making Progress After ARPwave Treatment

She would go on to start her ARPwave Neuro Therapy treatment and just after four sessions she could smirk a little more, close her eye a little better, whistle but most of all she saw hope becoming better. Leslie went on to complete a couple months of weekly ARPwave treatment. Although gradual or subtle at times, progressing every step of the way. She no longer slurred her speech, leaked water, choked, had drastic asymmetries or avoided being seen. Leslie could smile proudly and pose for photos with her newborn baby.

ARPwave helps Bells Palsy in San Antonio TX
Leslie With Baby After ARPwave Neuro Therapy
ARPwave helps Bells Palsy in San Antonio TX
Leslie With Baby After ARPwave Neuro Therapy

Times passes, life carries on and the thought of Leslie ever having Bells Palsy begins to fade. Her closest friends and family remark they had almost forgot entirely that she had it just a few months ago. Thanks to ARPwave Neuro Therapy Leslie had overcome the drastic symptoms of Bells Palsy and battled her way through to becoming normal again.

ARPwave helps Bells Palsy in San Antonio TX
Leslie Before and After ARPwave

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