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Improve Your Golf Game TODAY

There is no better tool in increasing your range of motion than the ARP. We can add 30+ yards to a golfers drive in UNDER 10 seconds using the ARP, and this ability lasts the ENTIRE day
– Founder and CEO of ARPwave Neuro Therapy Dennis Thompson

At Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab we use the ARPwave’s PATENTED and PROPRIETARY technology to assist athletes in accomplishing goals on the field and in the weight room they could never imagine achieving on their own through traditional training. This neuro-therapy allows you to train your body’s nervous system with dramatic cellular effects in strength training. These specific characteristics are not found in any other neuromuscular electro-stim therapy, including the most modern interferential, sine-wave, microcurrent, galvanic, Russian stim, or iontophoresis therapeutic devices. ARPwave has PROVEN RESULTS and powerful testimonials from PROFESSIONAL athletes in a variety of sport settings.

Imagine INCREASING your range of motion by 25+% completely PAIN FREE, being able to TRAIN and RECOVERY simultaneously and having the ENDURANCE to make your last swing just as STRONG as your first. How drastic would your PERFORMANCE change? This impressive performance enhancement has caught the attention of over 750 NFL players, 300 MLS players, 100 Olympians, 75 MLB players, 50 NBA players and several PGA and LPGA players.

Bottom line, I can say conventional therapy did me NO good and ARPwave Neuro Therapy absolutely did and continues to do so. I have since begun training with strength and recovery… The results are amazing, immediate and truly effective! …I have been using ARPwave Neuro Therapy and Training protocols ever since. I have never been stronger.
-Arron Oberholser, PGA Tour Golfer

I can walk numerous rounds of golf in a row and my swing has gotten even better with the extensive golf training program I am on. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be playing Professional Golf anymore if it weren’t for Denis Thompson and Jay Schroeder and ARPwave Neuro Therapy. There is just not another program out there that can get your body and the shape that this can.
-Angie Rizzo , LPGA Golfer

Imagine performing ONE “extreme slow” SWING or PUTT movement over a five minute span, but neurologically your muscles and brain think your body is performing at 245 contractions per second!! Neurological compensatory actions developed over YEARS are erased in the matter of MINUTES. Muscle memory and neurological efficiency rapidly creates a new foundation. With this new efficiency your body IMMEDIATELY has the ability to absorb force 10 X its current ability. Amazingly reducing the chance of injury by 80%! Athletes are not only playing HARDER but LONGER as well. With our ARPwave System and training protocols, developed by Jay Schroeder for elite athletes, you will gain EXPLOSIVE POWER and PRECISION you never knew you had. Explosive power and precision that transcends onto the course, range, field, rink and etc. At Neuro Sports Performance you will truly be trained in the same mentality, regimen and with the same technology as our professional athletes. Check out PGA Tour Player, Aaron Oberholser and Jay Schroeder PREPARE, TRAIN and RECOVERY for the Golf Course. Add 30+ yards to your drive using ARPwave TODAY for FREE!! Call: 877-871-7299





SCHEDULE and add 30+ yards to your drive using ARPwave TODAY for FREE!! Call: 877-871-7299

LEARN MORE: 210-697-9700

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Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab is the leading sports medicine and pain management clinic in San Antonio. We offer accelerated injury recovery, pain management, post-surgery rapid rehab, and sports performance and fitness services, using the FDA approved, patented, proprietary, and proven ARPwave system.

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