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Martial Artist Eliminates Elbow Pain with ARPwave

Meet martial artist Danielle. She may have just started Jiu Jitsu for the first time a year and a half ago but she has quickly earned her blue belt and is already becoming a well-decorated winner in her short time as a competitor in the sport so far. With the 2019 IBJJF Jiu Jitsu World Championship coming up, Danielle got hard to work with her training at Ohana Academy. Amongst her Jiu Jitsu training, she also used ARPwave as a recovery and sports performance tool with @ARPwave_mike.

In the Pan American Championship, a competition prior to the Worlds, Danielle placed 2nd winning silver and bronze in Absolute. But she sustains a serious elbow injury in the final match. @ARPwave_mike quickly got to work rehabilitating Danielle’s elbow injury. Using ARPwave Danielle’s swelling and elbow pain were eliminated exponentially.

With Danielle back to feeling like her normal self she set her eyes on one more competition prior to the Worlds, the 2019 Dallas Spring International Open IBBJF Jiu Jitsu Championship. After five fights, 2 submissions, three by points and NO points scored against her in the ENTIRE tournament Danielle won DOUBLE GOLD!!

Needless to say, her elbow injury had been eliminated just like the rest of her opponents this past weekend. She even went on to thank @ARPwave_mike in one of her posts; “Thanks to @ARPwave_mike for recovering my injury and getting me ready for this!! I couldn’t do it without all of you!!”

Now with confidence in her arm and elbow restored Danielle trained harder than ever in preparation for the 2019 IBJJF Jiu Jitsu World Championship. For the first time ever and as a blue belt for just 8 months she entered the tournament. After all the dust settles, Danielle lost in the semi-finals to the girl who went on to win double gold. But proudly found herself on the podium earning herself a bronze medal and winning 3rd in the Master division!

Congratulations on ALL of your recent success Danielle!! While she may be bringing home a Master World Medal she already has her mindset on the next tournament. She is eager for the August Master Worlds where she hopes to become a World Champion for the first time like she has always dreamed of!

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