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San Antonio ARPwave Clinic

San Antonio MMA Fighters use ARPwave Prior to Successful Weekend

San Antonio MMA Fighters use ARPwave Prior to Successful Weekend.

Congratulations to  Rainn Guerrero “The Bully” and Mark Lozano “The Patriot”. Both had wins in the cage last weekend in College Station, TX and both are now 3 and 0 in the cage!

San Antonio ARPwave Clinic

Also a BIG shout-out to  Blue Vasquez “The Dark Horse” hell of a fight this weekend, although he didn’t get the decision, great effort!   I clearly saw his opponent tapping out, but unfortunately, I was not the ref.

San Antonio ARPwave Clinic

These three fighters all have a couple things in common. All three train at Ohana Academy in San Antonio, and all three use ARPwave as a success tool.

ARPwave as a Weight Loss Tool

Two weeks prior to weigh-in Rainn was in a tough predicament. She was 12 pounds overweight, and due to a knee injury, she was unable to train it off. ARPwave was able to help in 2 ways.

  1. Rainn found that after her 1st ARPwave treatment not only was her knee pain free, but she was able to put all her weight on it with confidence that it wouldn’t collapse. She jumped into an hour and a half workout in a hot gym wearing heavy sweats.
  2. In addition to the great workout, Rainn had the benefit of “After Burn”. You see, an ARPwave treatment is similar to a High Intensity Interval Workout, because it fires up the metabolism and continues to burn for up to 48 hours.

Two weeks later, with much hard work in the gym, a strict diet, and several more ARPwave treatments, Rainn was “On-Weight” and ready for action.

San Antonio ARPwave ClinicSan Antonio ARPwave Clinic

ARPwave for Sports Performance

Mark was in a different situation. Prior to the fights, weight was not an issue and Mark was injury free. Therefore he had the luxury of using the ARPwave for Accelerated Sports Performance. The ARPwave can contract muscles up to 500 times per second, and any movements being done during these contractions can program the body as if it had done hundreds of perfect repetitions. In the video you can see Mark practicing a slow and perfect straight right punch. Just 5 minutes of this training can fool the body into believing it has done hours of this one perfectly executed technique, along with all the benefits.

ARPwave for Sports Injuries

The damage that can be done with a single strike to the face is similar to someone being in a bad car accident. The lingering effects can include: headaches, dizziness & nausea, neck & shoulder pain, weakness, and even numbness.

Blue unfortunately suffered this type of injury, as do most fighters, and used ARPwave to help speed up his recovery and get back to training. The video below shows Blue using ARPwave to work on his Upper Back & Shoulders.

The Main Event with Rainn Guerrero

Rainn enters the ring in College Station, TX and comes out victorious!

Training videos courtesy of ARPwave_Mike (follow him on Instagram).

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