Speed, Endurance and Power Training Using ARPwave

Another NFL season comes to a close as Super Bowl Sunday was this past weekend. That only means one thing to NFL prospect, Orin. Tryouts for the next season are weeks away! An old lingering knee injury has been holding him back in the 40 yard dash. Orin didn’t only strive to get back to where he once was but he wanted to be BETTER THAN EVER! Using the ARPwave here at Neuro Sports Performance & Rehab, he fully recuperated from his old injury achieving proper neuro muscular coordination, strength, power and endurance. But it doesn’t stop there, Orin has continued to train using the ARPwave combined with our very own Neuro Sports Performance protocols. In addition to his in office ARPwave training he is also using the ARPwave to prepare by loosening and neuro-muscularly re-educating before each training session with his speed coach. Check out how ARPwave helped Orin achieve his goals in two short videos below!

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