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Whiplash Relief

Anyone who has ever suffered from a whiplash understands the symptoms are life-altering. Finally, due to advancements in technology, there is a solution and relief is available right here in San Antonio.

Our Unique Whiplash Treatment Approach

At Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab, our treatment takes on a whole new approach; different than ANY other doctor, chiropractor or physical therapist in San Antonio. While other traditional approaches help deal with the pain, our unique and exclusive ARPwave Therapy will go to the root of the injury and fix it.

What Is ARPwave Therapy?

ARP stands for Accelerated Recovery and Performance, and the wave it generates is a DC bio current which is designed to create rapid recovery from injuries. We added this technology to our practice several years ago because of its long track record of helping injured athletes get back in the game.

What we found was the ARPwave also offers relief to our many whiplash patients, even the patients who had long term chronic pain as a result of severe whiplash injuries.

“I feel so much better since my ARPwave treatment, even better than before my accident.”

Word about our results is getting out, and now we are being referred some of the toughest whiplash cases from other medical providers. Due to the high volume of whiplash cases we are treating, we are able to continuously improve our whiplash protocol which means more results in less time and significant decreased chance of re-occurring pain or symptoms.

Causes of Whiplash

Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab - Causes of Whiplash

In football, it’s a penalty to block someone in the back. This rule is designed to prevent the injury known as whiplash. When the body is suddenly and violently pushed forward, leaving the head behind, this causes an injury to neck which results in a large number of debilitating symptoms.

In real life, this injury known as whiplash, is often the result of a car accident or a fall. When the head snaps forward, to catch up to the body, the traumatic neck injury is due to ligament damage, pinched nerves, muscle tearing, spasm and spinal misalignment. Even a low-speed impact in an auto accident can cause serious whiplash and should be taken very seriously. Whiplash symptoms can occur instantly but usually can take days, or even weeks, to develop.

The constant barrage of symptoms can make whiplash a debilitating problem. If left untreated your ligaments and muscles can heal wrong and form scar tissue. Also, your vertebrae can remain misaligned, causing chronic neck pain or headaches, loss of range of motion and potential arthritic changes.

Symptoms of a Whiplash

Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab - Symptoms of a Whiplash

Our patients are often desperate for relief from constant headaches that make it hard to concentrate at work or focus on school work. In addition to headaches, the whiplash often results in a burning sensation along with pain in the neck, muscle spasms, shoulder pain, dizziness, ringing in the ears, arm pain and/or tingling, and even disorientation. Pain medication, muscle relaxers, and other traditional treatments can offer some temporary help but do not offer a real long-term solution.

Proven Results

ARPwave therapy on the other hand is proving over and over again to be a real solution with permanent results for patients suffering from the symptoms of whiplash. Huebner Chiropractic is home to Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab, San Antonio’s exclusive ARPwave Clinic.

If you have suffered from a whiplash, or any other injury, call us today! Our front desk staff will help you, not only with scheduling an appointment, but with any insurance questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you get strong and healthy.

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Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab - Sheri Earley, DC, Owner/Clinic Director at Huebner Chiropractic


Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab - Sheri Earley, DC, Owner/Clinic Director at Huebner Chiropractic

While traveling around San Antonio, promoting the benefits of ARPwave therapy, we are often asked: (especially by Crossfit athletes), “How does ARPwave compare to AIRROSTI?”

Let’s ask an expert; one of the Top Rated Chiropractors in Texas, Sheri Earley, DC, Owner/Clinic Director at Huebner Chiropractic; the home of Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab, San Antonio’s exclusive ARPwave clinic.

Q: “What is AIRROSTI and what is ARPwave?”
A: “Great question. To put it simply AIRROSTI stands for Applied Integration for the Rapid Recovery of Soft Tissue Injuries. ARPwave stands for Accelerated Recovery and Performance wave.”

Q: “Do you offer AIRROSTI in your clinic and why or why not?”
A: “Actually, no I do not. I have a full service Chiropractic office which includes expert Chiropractic evaluations and adjustments, along with X-Ray, Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Rehab and much more; including ARPwave. We do not offer ARROSTI for several reasons.”

“First of all, Chiropractors who offer AIRROSTI can offer only AIRROSTI; no other options! As I mentioned, we are a full service office and I would find it way too limiting to only address one aspect of care.”

“Myofascial release is an umbrella term for several overlapping and allegedly advanced techniques and styles of manipulating muscles and fascia (sheets of connective tissue). The other word for all that is ‘massage’.”

“AIRROSTI seems to be a combination of myofascial release combined with taping and exercises.”

Q: “Why have you chosen ARPwave for your practice?”
A: “It’s a lot easier to explain now that I have seen almost 2 years of proven results in my office.”

“Back when I made the decision to offer ARPwave Therapy, I looked at 30 years of research, including 15+ years of working with world class athletes. It immediately seemed like a natural fit, especially considering all the ‘weekend warrior’ type injuries we treat.”

“AIRROSTI is a form of deep tissue massage and certainly helps manage pain temporarily, but it offers no real solution to the cause of the pain. Meanwhile, ARPwave finds the neurological origin of the pain and fixes it, and fixes it permanently.”

“I see a lot of patients in my office, many who have tried AIRROSTI. While many patients have had success with the treatment, many had not. Or the 3 visit rule turned into 6 or more. If I was going to give up all other options and offer just AIRROSTI, I would have to be confident it was the absolute best treatment out there.”

Q: “How is ARPwave superior to AIRROSTI?”
A: “Yes, I can give three very specific reasons why we offer ARPwave and not AIRROSTI, other than the required exclusivity required with AIRROSTI, which I have already mentioned.”

“1. A big part of healing an injury, especially old lingering injuries, is to break up the scar tissue. The ARPwave uses an FDA approved, patented and proprietary DC-BIO current which will contract a muscle neurologically up to 500 times a second, breaking up scar tissue like no other technology. The treatment is high intensity, and our results are phenomenal.”

“2. The second unique benefit of the ARPwave treatment is what we call the reeducation of the muscle. When there is an injury, it’s like the muscle is in shock. The muscle is put out of commission to give it time to heal up. The ARPwave will wake this muscle up, reeducate it, strengthen it, and put it back on the field to work as part of the team, with the other muscles, the way they were designed to work together. No other technology has this, not AIRROSTI, nobody is reeducating muscles.”

“3. I mentioned above about an injured muscle being in shock, drug off the field, and being given time to heal. While that muscle is out of commission, other muscles have to jump in and pick up the slack. We call these neurological compensation patterns, and they can and will cause wear and tear on the muscles, joints, and ligaments doing extra work, above and beyond the call of duty. The ARPwave eliminates these neurological compensation patterns, which will help to avoid future pain and injuries.”

Q: “How accurate are AIRROSTI’s claims that they can fix patients in ‘just 3 visits’?”
A: “They do make that claim and that is one of the reasons I was willing to take a look at AIRROSTI for my own practice. As with any therapy, (physical, occupational, etc.) it takes much more time for the body to heal so I was intrigued on how they could fix a problem in 3 visits. I was even told they had independent third-party proof to substantiate these claims. I am not the type to accept these claims without seeing the documented proof and, to this day, all I have seen were some statistics which appeared to be based on exit interviews of patients.”

“If a patient feels better walking out the door, they are likely to offer a raving review on their exit interview; but this does not reflect the next day, or the next week or month. I ask every single patient I see ‘How long have you had this condition and what have you done to treat it?’ Many people I’ve seen have tried AIRROSTI, and they are not better. They just had some short-term pain relief.”

“We have had many people come to us with all different types of chronic pain and injuries, and most have them have tried everything. We hear over and over that the ARPwave treatment was the first time they’ve felt true long-term relief from their chronic issues.”

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“I’ve tried Airrosti, physical therapy, chiropractic and massage therapy to help my chronic neck and shoulder pain. The ARP Wave has been the only thing that’s helped! Now I’m gonna use it for me knee.”

Charito L.San Antonio, Texas

“I did Airrosti Therapy for several months, and this didn’t even come close to the results I got from ARPwave on the very first visit.”

Kenny G.San Antonio, TX