Ultra-Endurance Runner Rapidly Rehabs Using ARPwave

Ultra-Endurance Runner Rapidly Rehabs Using ARPwave



Ultra-runner Kenneth started to suffer from a variety of issues after he put his body through thousands of miles of running over the course of the last few years. In just 10 ARPwave treatments he rehabbed and rapidly recovered from his feet, ankle, knee and hip pain. Allowing him to return to running and complete one of the toughest competitions in Texas, the 100K Bandara Trail Run. A total of 62 miles earning himself a badass belt buckle.



Kenneth continued to go through his ARPwave protocol and has continued to have tremendous success. Recently he took on a 100 mile mountain race in California and finished 2nd! Congratulations on all of your recent accomplishments Kenneth! Thanks to ARPwave he was able to finish all of his runs pain free and rapidly rehabilitate all his issues!




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