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UTSA Power Lifting Team

UTSA Powerlifter Uses ARPwave to Overcome Back Pain

San Antonio TX Arpwave therapy
Allan and the UTSA Powerlifting Team

Allan is a member of the UTSA Power Lifting Team and has been competing in powerlifting, football, track and field for most of his life. He and the rest of the UTSA Power Lifting Team were training in preparation for the upcoming national competition.

Allan had been progressing through his work out just fine and then a month out from competition he encountered a big problem. A great deal of pain started to develop in his low back. Weight Allan could once pick up with ease was impossible and painful to pick up now. Anything that required him to sit or bend over for became intolerable. He needed to find a solution fast! ARPwave’s Neuro Therapy is proven to accelerate the rehabilitation rate and decrease recovery time up to 80%, just what Allan needed in this case.

After just three treatments his low back pain had diminished entirely, becoming PAIN FREE! Ten treatments into his ARPwave protocol Allan had fully returned to his training with his team. Picking up right where he left off without hesitation. After completing all of his treatments Allan was completely pain free, back to working out at 100%, and right on track to perform his personal best on a national stage!

Nothing could stop him now right?!

WRONG. Unfortunately the Coronavirus hit and has delayed the national competition. But when the day comes Allan will be more than ready thanks to ARPwave! Check out his testimonial below!

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Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab is the leading sports medicine and pain management clinic in San Antonio. We offer accelerated injury recovery, pain management, post-surgery rapid rehab, and sports performance and fitness services, using the FDA approved, patented, proprietary, and proven ARPwave system.

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