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WaveCrusade is the largest provider of Neuro Therapy services worldwide. Neuro Therapy has treated well in excess of 300,000 patients, with better than a 95% success rate eliminating pain without drugs and eliminating atrophy. Neuro Therapy is used by thousands of the most elite athletes all over the world.

WaveCrusade has established a network of doctors nationwide to bring these services to you.

Personalized Plans For All Families

Armor plans available and supervised by a doctor for your medical condition:
Armor plans cover any medical condition, injury or post surgical recovery. No waiting in a doctor’s office. All therapy is done in the convenience of your home or office. No co-pays, deductible’s or limited visits. No drugs. Plans to fit any budget. Special personalized concierge services available as an option. One-time assessment plus enrollment required.

Armor Plans include:

  • Our patented body map exam which will tell us any place you have ever had an injury or trauma.
  • A custom health plan for you and your family based on your needs and goals.
  • We assign you a health coach to oversee and perform all therapy.
  • We supply you our patented technology, a Class 2 medical device ($30,000.00 value) along with consultation.
  • Daily or weekly treatments.
  • Charting progress.
  • Hot updates.
  • Latest research.
  • A referral programs which can cover your entire monthly cost by simply sharing with friends.

Term: 12 months with auto renewal.

Shield plan available and supervised by a coach:
Cosmetic, weight loss, flexibility skill training, injury prevention, strength conditioning, and athletic performance.

Shield Plan includes:

  • A fitness coach.
  • Custom plan and goals evaluation.
  • Technology PRS ($3000.00 value)
  • Coach supervision, weekly or daily consultation, charting progress, hot updates, latest research, referral program.

Term: 12 months with auto renewal.

Select a plan that’s right for you.

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