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A 10-Year-Old Gymnast’s ARPwave Testimonial

Meet McKinnley, she’s not your average 10-year-old. McKinnley is a talented gymnast who can back handspring on a balance beam, has a flawless floor exercise, is unbelievably good on the uneven bars, and simply put, she’s very good at the vault too. She may love to shop with her mom and play with puppies at the pound, but she also loves to win gold medals and gymnastic competitions.

Through her training, McKinnley developed some knee pain and as time went on, her pain only grew worse. After getting an x-ray, the imaging and results indicated McKinnley would need to be in a leg cast for six weeks. She waited the six week period and then had her cast removed. Her knee may have healed but it wasn’t the last of her pain and issues. After being immobilized in a cast for six weeks her muscles atrophied, she lost range of motion and developed biomechanical compensations in addition to still being in pain.

Arpwave neuro therapy san antonio
McKinley’s X-Ray

Her parents looked for another solution and that is when McKinnley and her family found Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab and the ARPwave therapy. Immediately after her first treatment during the consultation, McKinnley had a reduction in pain and improvements in her range of motion and function. McKinnley started her ARPwave therapy program and with each passing treatment she continued to improve. By the end of her ARPwave treatment plan, she was fully back to competing  in gymnastics and even won two medals! McKinnley performed so well actually that she got to meet one of her gymnastics idles, Simone Biles. We are sure this is only the start of McKinnley’s successful career.

pain management san antonio
McKinnley proudly showing off her medals she won at her competition.
Arpwave neuro therapy san antonio
McKinnley meeting one of her idols and gymnastics legend, Simon Biles after winning in the gymnastics competition.
Arpwave neuro therapy clinic san antonio
McKinnley playing with a puppy after an ARPwave treatment.

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