ARPwave resolves the cause to TWO shoulder injuries at the SAME time

Personal trainer Brad, suffered a AC joint separation in one shoulder and had a complete reconstruction performed on the other, all in the same calendar year. Although he was able to regain most of his movement the ORIGINATION of the problem was never addressed. Brad wasn’t looking to jazzercise in the park with his clients. Brad loves to challenge everyone one of clients with athletic, agile, powering, sweat dripping sessions. This attracts everyone from the athlete to first timer.
Unfortunately, in his current state his shoulders were not allowing him to accomplish that. That’s until he found ARPwave therapy at Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab. ARPwave not only resolved the ORIGINATION and cause to both of his shoulder injuries but also gave him back his explosive power and endurance with proper bio-mechanics. After 20 sessions at Neuro Sports Brad is back out there doing what he loves. Hear it for your self by watching his testimonial!

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