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Veteran and Para-Sport Athlete Uses ARPwave

Gil joined the military in 1989 when he was 19 years old. In the Army, he was assigned to the 19 kilo Armor Corps. division. Directly working hands-on with tanks. While serving this great country he suffered a spinal cord injury at C5-C6 that paralyzed him almost completely from the waist down and partially in each of his arms. Ever since Gil joined the armed services he was taught to adapt, improvise and overcome. Over the last 25+ years he has sought to do the same thing with his disability. After multiple surgeries to stabilize his spinal column and some time to allow healing, Gil was back to training day in and day out at physical therapy. As he graduated through the various rehabilitative stages he felt himself getting stronger, skillful and more mobile. Determined to push the boundaries of his capabilities and get back to come good ole fashion competition.

Gil found a way to do just that these past 26 years through various adaptive para-sports. He has gone on to play wheelchair basketball, rugby, football, softball, soccer, track and field. For 14 years Gil has been both a player and a coach for the Spurs’ wheelchair basketball para-sports team in San Antonio, Texas. Continuing to improve his game, push his boundaries and mentor others.

During one of the games he was playing in, Gil suffered a shoulder injury. Following the game, he tried resting and returning to his usual training retinue but the pain never dissipated and was far too much to endure. The injury worsted. Keeping him off the basketball court and away from his team but it didn’t stop there. Simple daily tasks now became large obstacles usually accompanied by pain. A concerned teammate and fellow veteran reached out to Gil and recommended that he try ARPwave neuro therapy for his shoulder pain.

After completing just his very first session, it was like he had turned over a new leaf. His pain level had reduced over 50% immediately, his range of motion returned and his energy level was back up. Continuing with his ARPwave treatments, Gil improved tremendously every passing session. By the end of his therapy, he was back to living his very active life style, having little to no issues with his daily functions, completely pain free and back on the court playing and coaching again!

Since completing his shoulder protocol, Gil has continued with his ARPwave neuro therapy to improve his strength, posture, daily functions, voluntary muscle control, sports performance, rapidly rehabilitate and eliminate pain.

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