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Athlete Suffering from Shin Splints Uses ARPwave for Rapid Rehabilitation

Athlete Suffering from Shin Splints Uses ARPwave for Rapid Rehabilitation

Meet MariaLouisa, a track and cross country athlete for Edison High School here in San Antonio, Texas. As a dedicated athlete, she spent A LOT of her time training, running and competing. That is until severe pain from shin splints stopped her dead in her tracks. With shooting pain down the front of her shins MariaLouisa did what most high school students would do and turned to her parents for help. They sought out a solution that was effective and fast and came across ARPwave Neuro Therapy with rapid rehabilitation for injuries.

Unable to give her full performance on the field she committed herself fully to training in the office. Just three treatments into her ARPwave therapy here at Neuro Sports Performance and MariaLousia’s shin splint pain had gone away entirely. As progressed through and completed her ARPwave treatments she not only impressed the therapists in the office but she also impressed her coaches with her speedy return back to the track and cross country team. She was pain free, powerful and fast again. After completing her ARPwave therapy MariaLouisa had returned fully back to her sport 100% in record time. We wish her all the best of luck in her bright future!

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