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Army Vet uses ARPwave for Ankle, Knee and Hip Pain!

Shawn came to Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab due to chronic ankle, knee and hip pain. Shawn is an Army veteran, athlete, martial artist and all around fitness junkie. He was originally diagnosed with tendinopathy in both of his ankles…

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Army Vet and Avid Runner Returns to Running Thanks to ARPwave!

Ray is a retired Army combat veteran who has a passion for running and being outdoors. As a retired Army veteran, he has put his body through quite a lot. From rigorous training to combat injuries, his body has experienced…

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Ultra-Endurance Runner Rapidly Rehabs Using ARPwave

Ultra-endurance runner Kenneth “Ken” competes in long distance trail runs that could take 20+ hours to complete and place in the top 3! He trains vigorously week in and week out, putting hundreds of miles in monthly. Ken started to…

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ARPwave Addresses Ankle/Foot Issues

👣Humans evolved natural shock absorbers in our feet and calves to lessen the impact forces we experience daily. 💪🏼Our muscles don’t only act as shock absorbers, but also recycle stored energy to improve running/walking efficiency. 🏃🏻‍♀️These natural “shocks” will to…

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ARPwave Keeps Volleyball Player in the Game

Micayla, who was previously featured on our blog for her impressive progression on her school’s volleyball team is back in the spotlight. After a great start to the season, Micayla suffered an injury to her hitting shoulder and one of…

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