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Don’t Succumb to Age: Knee Pain at 60 Years Old

Age is no longer an excuse. Dave who turned 60 this year developed chronic knee pain that affected everything from getting out of a chair to his golf game. But there was a bigger problem at hand. He now suffered from painful and limited range of motion, his activity level decreased dramatically and a downwards cycle began. Just ten sessions into his treatment here at Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab, Dave found himself “100% more mobile”. He now almost effortlessly can pop up out of chairs, take the stairs and most impressive, he’s hitting his drives 40 yards further! Gloriously, Dave has conquered knee pain at 60 years old, without drugs, injections or surgery. He encouraging others by saying“just because you’re 60 years old doesn’t mean you have to succumb to age”.

Following his treatment, Dave looks to improve his golf performance using the POV ARPwave. Add us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram or subscribe to us on YouTube to stay up to date on Dave’s success with Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab as well as other stories!

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