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ARPwave Testimonial for Neuropathy, Chronic Back Pain and Multiple Failed Surgeries

Living with chronic pain and mobility issues can significantly diminish one's quality of life, a reality John knows all too well. Having undergone thirteen major surgeries—including seven back surgeries, a knee replacement, and a hip replacement—John faced severe neuropathy and…

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ARPwave Addresses Sciatica Pain and Disc Herniations for Personal Trainer

Claudia is a 45 year-old personal trainer, competitor, active athlete and mom of 2 who was diagnosed with sciatica and a disc herniation. Her shooting pain and symptoms brought this all-star to an all-out stop. As it affected everything from…

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NFL Football Player Chase Young Uses ARPwave to Rehab After Knee Surgery in Latest Chipotle Commercial

Chase Young is an American football player and defensive end for the Washington DC Commanders of the National Football League. Young was drafted in 2020 and ultimately named Defensive Rookie of the Year. Halfway through his 2021 season he sustained…

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Muay Thai Instructor and Competitor Overcomes Hip Pain Using ARPwave Neurotherapy!

Muay Thai Instructor and Competitor Overcomes Hip Pain Using ARPwave! Niko is Muay Thai instructor, competitor and personal trainer. Muay Thai is a form of martial arts and a combat sport, which is also known as the “Science of Eight…

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Football Player Uses ARPwave to Rehab After ACL and Meniscus Surgery on Knee

Josh a college football player initially came in to Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab to take his game to the next level. Upon further review in his consultation the ARPwave positively identified multiple neurological hotspots spots in his body. The…

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