Runner Eliminates Back and Leg Pain Using ARPwave

Runner Eliminates Back and Leg Pain Using ARPwave



Alicia is a relentless runner and dedicated mother of an awesome three-year-old boy. Alicia aims to raise her son in a healthy and active lifestyle. So she began to exercise, run and eat clean with her family. Running became a passion for Alicia and her son but soon she began to experience back and leg pain that would put a stop to their running time together.
During one of her work out classes at the gym, Alicia was paired against a drill Sargent for a competition. As an underdog few thought Alicia stood a chance but to their surprise she beat the drill Sargent! The sweet taste of victory became bitter as she began to experience shooting pain in her back, down her leg, and into her foot. Even after giving it days of rest to recover the pain grew worse and more present. She needed to get help and decided to try Airrosti. Alicia began getting weekly massages, adjustments, exercises and treatments but the symptoms did not improve. Her low back pain began to affect her ability to sleep, sit, stand and walk. Without any success at Airrosti Alicia was ordered to have an MRI performed to see what may be causing her pain. Upon reviewing the results she was diagnosed with a herniated and bulging disc at L5-S1 that is pushing onto her nerve.
Determined to once and for all fix this pain she began to search for options on Google where she came across Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab in San Antonio, Texas. After reading the reviews, watching a few testimonials and seeing all of the positive outcomes she decided ARPwave is something she wanted to try. Each passing ARPwave treatment, Alicia’s pain began to diminish more and more. She started to sleep through the night, sit through a meeting at work and stand on her feet all pain-free! Without any outside training Alicia only underwent ARPwave neuro therapy and after just a few short weeks she was back to running again! By her tenth ARPwave treatment she would go on to run from Austin, to Corpus Christi, TX with a team of 12 others. She also averaged the fastest pace of her life. Normally she averaged a 9 1/2 to 10 minute per mile pace but during the Capital to Cost Run she averaged a 7 1/2 minute per mile pace!
Since completing her ARPwave therapy Alicia has fully returned to running and living life pain-free! In December she entered and completed her first full marathon since her injury. On the sideline of the San Antonio Rock n Roll, her son and husband proudly cheered Alicia on. To her surprise, her son sprinted out into the race, reached for her hand and joined her for another run, once again.
Reunited again with running Alicia set her sights on new goals. Entering one of the toughest Texas trail runs there is, the Hoka One One Rocky 50! A 50-mile course through the woods of Huntsville, TX. She continued with her ARPwave neuro therapy training to improve her sports performance. A little less than a month later Alicia completed the 50-mile race in just under 12 hours. Placing 5th in her division and 18th overall in women! Congratulations on all of your success Alicia, we are excited to see what is to come next!


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