60 Year Old ARPwave IronWoman

60 Year Old ARPwave IronWoman


Chung is 60 years old and an avid runner. She initially came into Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab with knee pain. Not only did her knee pain affect her daily life tasks but it hurt her hobby of running detrimentally. After completing a considerably light run she would experience aches, pains and stiffness.


Chung’s daughter Andrea is unable to walk or run on her own. But that hasn’t stopped the two of them from sharing this experience together. May Ling rides in a push cart while Chung pushes her on her runs and has even cheered her Andrea on as friend pulled in an inflatable boat on a swim! The loving bond Chung and Andrea share together is incredible and inspiring but her knee pain was stopping this from continuing.



Chung and Andrea at the Louisiana Marathon

Chung and her family showing off their medals!


ARPwave has eliminated her pain and allowed her to train harder than ever. Pushing her body’s limits and reaching new heights! Recently Chung completed her first full Ironman in Tempe, Arizona! Swimming for 2.4 miles in an hour and a half, cycling for 112 miles in seven hours and running for the final 26.2 miles in five and a half hours. Completing the entire 140.6 mile course in 14 hours and 42 minutes!

We congratulate you Chung on your amazing feat of strength and endurance!


Chung getting ready to swim at Ironman Arizona

Chung Cycling at Ironman Arizona

Chung leaving someone in her dust!

Chung Running at Ironman Arizona

Chung Crossing Ironman Arizona Finish Line

Chung Ironman Arizona Finish Stats


Chung finished 4th in her age group and qualified for the 2020 Iroman World Championship in Taupo, New Zealand! Thanks to ARPwave, Chung is able to fully return to running without the knee pain she once had. But most importantly, Chung is once again able to share that passion with Andrea.


Chung Finishing 4th in her Age Group and Qualifying for the 2020 Ironman World Championship


Chung getting an ARPwave treatment on her knees prior to a 5K run.


Chung and Andrea


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