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ARPwave Heals Chronic Hip Pain

One evening in 2010, Megan and her mother were driving home full of excitement. Megan sat in the passenger seat and cradled in her arms was an eight week old puppy they had just adopted. She was eager to get home and show her new best friend their backyard, bed, toys and all. As the car went into a turn, an oncoming driver crossed over into their lane, slamming into the side of the car and sending the car into a ditch until it would finally come to rest, upside down.  After nearly four hours, the fire department was able to get both of the girls and their puppy out safely, but not without injury. Megan sustained a hip injury and her mother tore her rotator cuff. For Megan, the next 6 years would consist of struggling to overcome the injury sustained from this wreck.

San Antonio ARPwave Clinic Helps Car Accident Injuries
San Antonio ARPwave Clinic Helps Car Accident Injuries
San Antonio ARPwave Clinic Helps Car Accident Injuries

This injury plagued her, causing her to stop running in track, playing softball, swimming and participating in everything else a high school athlete does! It didn’t just stop at Megan’s extracurricular activities, sitting at her desk in school, sleeping and even studying became frustrating and always uncomfortable and painful. Not a day passed that the pain didn’t bother her. The pain would sometimes be so bad that it would make her nauseated and feel faint. As a 16 year old girl, she was very limited. She couldn’t keep up with her friends anymore. If they wanted to walk around the mall Megan would have to stop a take breaks or even sit down to rest for a while due to the pain. Even the simple task of seeing a movie was daunting. She couldn’t stand the pain of sitting the entirety of the movie either. She found herself constantly taking pain relievers to try to get through her days.

Following her accident, she almost immediately started chiropractic care, massage and physical therapy. After initially seeing some benefits and progress things appeared optimistic. Over the course of 5 years Megan dedicated herself to putting in the time and work that was required to get better. She continued to make some progress but the injury continued to plague her life relentlessly. The progress Megan once saw improving each week, had plateaued. Out of options, an orthopedic surgeon recommended and experimental hip surgery. With her progress coming to a halt with the previous treatments she elected to undergo surgery.

She wouldn’t be out of the previous therapies for very long. After her hip surgery, she once again started back up with physical therapy, massage therapy and chiropractic care. For almost a moment there was a glimmer of hope but a few months following her surgery, her symptoms reappeared but WORSE. She was prescribed more pain killers and more physical therapy. All through her pain never stopped Megan’s life kept going and she began college on crutches and was still struggling with hip pain at the age of 18.

It wouldn’t be until 2 years post-surgery where her path would cross with Neuro Sports’ very own Travis Boyd in college at UTSA. Travis started working for NSP&R and quickly saw what possible benefits ARPwave neuro therapy could provide Megan. After undergoing a consult and treatment the optimism reappeared in Megan. Once again she had to dedicate her herself to putting in the time and work to get better. Over the course of her treatment, her pain lessened tremendously. The pain that used to be constantly present and daunting now became minimal and infrequent. She found herself able to get through and an entire day of class or work a majority of the time entirely pain free!

As she progressed in her ARPwave neuro therapy, her confidence grew. A pain free walk through the neighborhood with her dog seemed like a tremendous success but she didn’t stop there. She turned that walk into a run and slowly began incorporating exercise back into her lifestyle. After what seemed like nearly forever, Megan finally started to feel normal again.

San Antonio ARPwave Clinic Helps Car Accident Injuries

Since completing her ARPwave neuro therapy she has continued to receive treatment on her hips to further her success in and outside the office. Seeing what tremendous results she had on her hips, she has since started treatment on her shoulder with great success as well. Overcoming these adversities she’s been able to push herself to limits and experience all the joy life has to provide.

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