How To End Chronic Pain Using ARPwave Breakthrough Technology

How To End Chronic Pain Using ARPwave Breakthrough Technology

Do you, or anyone you know, suffer from Chronic Pain?
• Chronic Joint Pain
• Chronic Muscle Pain
ARPwave Has Brought It’s Patented & FDA Approved Neuro Therapy To San Antonio


Treatment that was once Limited is Now
Available to Everyone in San Antonio!


How Does It Work ???
• Let’s set the stage – think of yourself as a computer.
• All computers have two components, hardware and software.
• Doctors and therapists work on your hardware (your body).
• Neuro Therapy works on your software (your nervous system) which controls your hardware (your body).


Chronic Pain in knees, backs, hips, necks, shoulders & etc.  . . . is caused by the bodies inability to absorb force, which is a Neurological Function.
• When an injury occurs, specialized cells migrate to the damaged area, isolating it, and begin repairing the damage.
• Injured tissue cells have lower electrical potential and will convert from positive to negative.
• Negatively charged cells create muscular scar tissue, which helps the body quarantine the area, and reduces blood supply along with neurological communication.
• This inability to absorb force allows force to go to the damaged tissue instead of the muscles the force should go to, creating a neurological compensation pattern and pain.


Neuro Therapy Resets the Nervous System and Creates a New Pattern Without Pain!
• Professional athletes along with weekend warriors use ARPwave Neuro Therapy to recover from injuries.
• Surgery patients use it to bring atrophied muscles back to life which improves positive surgical outcomes.
• Anyone with chronic pain can use ARPwave to find the neurological origin of their pain and treat the source of the pain rather than the symptom.
• First Session is FREE so you can see how Neuro Therapy can help you. Get your Free Treatment Voucher TODAY


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