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ARPwave Treatments to Game Winning Touchdowns!

Mid-season injuries can be detrimental to athletes. A serious injury can end a season in an instant. Less severe injuries can keep an athlete out for weeks to months and linger with them for the remainder of the season, taking a toll on their performance.

Michelle plays Ladies Tackle Football for the Austin Acoustic in the Legends League and in another league for the Texas Legacy. She’s a talented running back and wide receiver for both teams. Towards the end of Michelle’s season, she suffered a MCL sprain to her right knee and a bone bruise to her ankle. With her teams in the hunt for playoffs and ultimately the championship, she had zero time to spare. Her teams needed her back out on the field as soon as possible, due to playoffs being just around the corner. After working with the team’s trainer, she wasn’t getting the results at the rate she needed them. She had to find another solution.

Immediately after starting her ARPwave therapy, Michelle started to see the results she had been looking for. After just three treatments, her pain was eliminated entirely from her leg. Following a few more treatments, she was able to get back into the gym for training and fully participate in football practice. Michelle got the results she and her team desperately needed. It showed in full force her first game back in the Western Conference Championship for the Legends League. Michelle and the Austin Acoustic found themselves trailing behind with time running out. The quarterback dropped back and delivered a game-winning touchdown to Michelle! Clinching a chance at the title in the Legends Cup Championship against the undefeated Chicago Bliss. That’s one heck of a way to make a return back from an injury and just in time. Michelle and her team would go on to lose a hard fought game 19-28 in the championship game but she was able to give it her best with no limitations from her prior injuries.

The story doesn’t stop there. Michelle would go on to lead her Texas Legacy team through the playoffs and to their fifth championship! Congratulations on your tremendous success Michelle!!

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