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Basketball Player’s Rapid Recovery From Knee Surgery Using ARPwave

Jamal is a very talented athlete who plays basketball for Park University. Jamal sustained a knee injury where he tore the meniscus in his right knee. What started out as just knee pain soon progressed into ankle and back pain as well. He tried to manage the injury and symptoms for 2 years and eventually, Jamal had knee surgery to repair the torn meniscus. But even following his surgery a traditional physical therapy, Jamal still struggled with pain and limitations in his knee, ankle and back. Concerned of the current status of his knee and body he proceeded to find a solution.

In this process he discovered ARPwave Neuro Therapy. A therapy used to accelerate the rehabilitation process and get athletes back out on the court and playing pain free, faster. This is exactly what he was looking for and there was a great provider with 100 five star reviews on Google right here in San Antonio, Texas; our office Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab.

Jamal began his rehabilitation process with ARPwave neuro therapy and immediately started to see the benefits. With each passing treatment his pain levels and frequency decreased.  His mobility, strength, balance and endurance all increased and upon completing a quick 6 week program he was back to 100% and feeling better than ever! Jamal has fully returned to playing basketball for Park University and is a promising prospect for the NBA! Check out his incredible testimonial below!

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Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab is the leading sports medicine and pain management clinic in San Antonio. We offer accelerated injury recovery, pain management, post-surgery rapid rehab, and sports performance and fitness services, using the FDA approved, patented, proprietary, and proven ARPwave system.

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