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ARPwave Fixes Soccer Player’s Ankle and Groin Injury

"Hi guys, I'm Yair. I'm an international soccer player. I played in Spain for about a year and I love the sport. I came into Neuro Sports Performance because last 2019 I injured my ankle. I had a high ankle…

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Tennis Player Uses ARPwave for Shoulder and Back Pain

"Hello, my name is Ellis. I'm a rising high school senior and I play club and varsity tennis. I came into the clinic [Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab] because I was experiencing shoulder and back pain. Which was affecting my…

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ARPwave Testimonial for College Soccer Player with Knee Pain and Tendonitis

"Hi, my name is Dante. I'm currently a sophomore in college, playing at the University of Texas A&M San Antonio. I play college soccer there. The reason I came into ARPwave was because I was struggling with knee pain and…

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NFL Football Player Odell Beckham Jr. Uses ARPwave to Rehab After Ankle and Knee Injury

Odell Beckham Jr. is a NFL wide receiver and 2022 Super Bowl Champion. In 2017 he sustained a season ending ankle injury while playing for the New York Giants. Using ARPwave therapy he was able to return to football and…

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NFL Football Player Chase Young Uses ARPwave to Rehab After Knee Surgery in Latest Chipotle Commercial

Chase Young is an American football player and defensive end for the Washington DC Commanders of the National Football League. Young was drafted in 2020 and ultimately named Defensive Rookie of the Year. Halfway through his 2021 season he sustained…

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Basketball Player’s Rapid Recovery From Knee Surgery Using ARPwave

Jamal is a very talented athlete who plays basketball for Park University. Jamal sustained a knee injury where he tore the meniscus in his right knee. What started out as just knee pain soon progressed into ankle and back pain…

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Football Player Uses ARPwave to Rehab After ACL and Meniscus Surgery on Knee

Josh a college football player initially came in to Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab to take his game to the next level. Upon further review in his consultation the ARPwave positively identified multiple neurological hotspots spots in his body. The…

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Bilateral Patellar Tendon Tears Treated With ARPwave

As an avid basketball player Mark has put quite the pounding on his knees. After years of wear and tear in youth, high school and college basketball Mark ended up rupturing his patellar tendons in both of his knees. Bringing…

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Sports Medicine San Antonio TX

ARPwave ACL Rapid Rehabilitation After Knee Surgery

Erick is an avid martial artist who experienced a gnarly knee injury during a martial arts class one day. As a result, he would undergo knee surgery where they would have to completely reconstruct his ACL. Following his surgery, Erick…

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San Antonio ARPwave Clinic

“ARPwave has been hands-down the best decision I have ever made”

Recently Neuro Sports Performance has had the pleasure of treating a passionate martial artist name Elizabeth. Elizabeth was finishing up a kung fu class one day when she suffered a knee injury that left her leg like a limp spaghetti…

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