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Football Player Uses ARPwave to Rehab After ACL and Meniscus Surgery on Knee

Josh a college football player initially came in to Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab to take his game to the next level. Upon further review in his consultation the ARPwave positively identified multiple neurological hotspots spots in his body. The the most concerning spot was at his knees. With a positively identified neurological hot spot the joint and surrounding muscles are susceptible to injury. Unfortunately Josh wasn’t able to start his ARPwave Neuro Therapy treatment at the time. Shortly after he blew out one of his knees during a game. Tearing his ACL and meniscus which required full surgical reconstruction.

San Antonio ARPwave Therapy

Following his surgery Josh came back to Neuro Sports Performance to rehabilitate his knee and address the other neurological hotspots identified in his body. Using ARPwave Neuro Therapy allowed Josh to rapidly recover from his knee surgery. In addition to his knees he also addressed problems in his back and shoulders. Reeducating proper function, strengthening and increasing the endurance of each joint and muscle group.

San Antonio ARPwave Therapy
Josh performing a ARPwave shoulder treatment.
San Antonio ARPwave Therapy
Josh performing an ARPwave knee treatment.
San Antonio ARPwave Therapy
Josh performing an ARPwave low back treatment.

After completing his treatment he had improved in his speed, quickness, agility, flexibility and mobility. Now Josh is feeling better than ever and is ready to take on the upcoming football season. With feeling his best, Josh is now playing at his best! As a linebacker he has been named the Turnover Champion on his team!

San Antonio ARPwave Therapy

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