Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab - End Chronic Pain


ARPwave successfully treats chronic low back pain. Dennis an avid golfer, had his hobby come to a halt after dealing with years of chronic low back pain. Dennis’ body had taken a tole after many years of being and athlete, outdoors man and adventurist. Such stress resulted in him having a herniated disk and later a spinal fusion. Dennis’ golf instructor recommended that he go to Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab to try ARPwave therapy. Skeptical at first but later a bold believer, Dennis had his expectations exceeded as his low back pain vanished. Eager to get back on the course he noticed his game had not only returned but he had more endurance, strength, flexibility and was driving the ball 20 yards further! Back pain once kept Dennis off the course but thanks to ARPwave therapy he is back on the course better than ever!

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