ARPwave Addresses Ankle/Foot Issues

👣Humans evolved natural shock absorbers in our feet and calves to lessen the impact forces we experience daily.

💪🏼Our muscles don’t only act as shock absorbers, but also recycle stored energy to improve running/walking efficiency.

🏃🏻‍♀️These natural “shocks” will to work effectively if you heel strike – a technique made possible (and in fact promotes) by super thick heel cushioned running shoes.

🤕Without our shocks working, a runner’s likelihood of injury dramatically increases while their performance plummets.

👟Loose the moon-boots (responsibly) and take charge of your own body!!

⚡️With #ARPwave Therapy we are able to rapidly re-educate the body back to correct biomechanics (mid-foot strike) and reestablish efficient force absorption.

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