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Muay Thai Instructor and Competitor Overcomes Hip Pain Using ARPwave Neurotherapy!

Muay Thai Instructor and Competitor Overcomes Hip Pain Using ARPwave!

Arpwave neurotherapy san antonio

Arpwave neurotherapy san antonio

Niko is Muay Thai instructor, competitor and personal trainer. Muay Thai is a form of martial arts and a combat sport, which is also known as the “Science of Eight Limbs”. It incorporates strikes using the fists, knees, shins and elbows as well as an element of grappling. Niko puts his body through a lot teaching, training and competing in Muay Thai. He started getting pain and dysfunction in his hips and hamstrings that effected his ability to coach and compete.

Arpwave neurotherapy san antonio

In the past, ARPwave has helped many other MMA instructors and fighters overcome and excel from a variety of injuries and issues. Even within the gym that Niko coaches at, Ohana Academy, fellow coaches, fighters and instructors have had success using ARPwave therapy.  So, with the recommendation of others, Niko decided to give it a try. Within the first three sessions using ARPwave Neuro Therapy, Niko no longer had any hip or hamstring pain. As he continued to progress through his ARPwave program he noticed an increase in his strength, balance, range of motion, mind-body connection, posture and athletic abilities. After completing his ARPwave program Niko returned to coaching, training and is looking forward to what his has to offer this upcoming season in competition! On March 5, 2022, Niko will be competing in the Peak Fighting Championship Flyweight Division. The fight will take place in Springdale Arkansas. Thanks to ARPwave, we know Niko will conquer the competition! Tune in and show your support for Niko on March 5th, 2022.

Niko continues to use ARPwave to improve in his sports performance and reach new personal bests. Check out his inspiring testimonial below!


“Hello everyone, my name is Niko. I am a personal trainer, Muay Thai and calisthenics instructor. I came into ARPwave because I was experiencing chronic dysfunction and chronic pain in my left hip and hamstring specifically. I needed to find and alternative way to get back to doing what I love, which is coaching and competing in Muay Thai. ARPwave seemed to be the best bet.

Since beginning and completing my ARPwave session, I’ve noticed that my pain has 100% been alleviated. That happened within like the third or fourth session. Also, I’ve increased my mind and body connection, and my awareness of my own physiology. I’ve learned about areas of my body that I didn’t even know had dysfunction. I’ve improved my balance, improved my posture, gained come muscle mass, improved my range of motion, tons of strength for sure. I’ve gained tons of strength. I feel like I can do what I need to be doing again. I can kick again. I can jump again. I can skip and I can re stabilize. It’s [ARPwave] help me regain my athletic abilities in the way I need to apply myself. In regard to my own personal fitness journey, I am definitely getting back into the groove of things. I’m progressing through my workouts. I am noticing the enhancement in my balance, and I am very much looking forward to this upcoming season of competition and what I have to offer it.

Enough about me, let’s talk about you. Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab’s ARPwave Therapy is for everybody. Whether you’re an athlete or non-athlete, you should be in here too. If you have chronic pain you’re dealing with, instability issues you’re dealing with, weakness or joint dysfunction, this can change your life. It can get you back to not only 100%, but to 120%! So here is your sign. Get up and give ARPwave a try! It’s definitely what you need.”

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