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Say “Bye-Bye” to Back Pain with ARPwave Therapy

Daryl is a former multi-sport athlete and now father of 3 kids who came into Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab because he was having a reoccurring lower back injury trying to remain active. Daryl used ARPwave therapy to eliminate his pain, stop the reoccurring injury from happening again, and get back to his active lifestyle in the gym, running in races and chasing his 3 kids around. Check out his testimonial below!

“Hi, I’m Daryl. I’m a former wrestler. I’m a gym rat. I love to play golf and I’ve actually ran the Spartan Run. So, I’m into some of the endurance training.  Father time is undefeated and I’m getting older. I’ve got 3 kids now. That’s what I’m running around chasing. I just want to make sure I can keep up with them and stay healthy.

The reason I came to Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab is because I was having a reoccurring lower back injury. When I’m trying to stay active and chase around these three kids, you need to be 100%, and I just wasn’t 100%. When I started ARPwave I started to notice a difference in the stiffness in my low back. My balance started to improve, and my legs just felt like they were firing-off better, my back wasn’t hurting as much, everything just seemed to be a lot more comfortable, and that was a really, really positive feeling. So, right away I was really, really happy with the results.

Before ARPwave, I was reluctant to push myself and go 100% in fear of that reoccurring injury. But after ARPwave, the confidence is there, I’m back in the gym and I am pushing myself harder than I have in years. It’s a really great feeling to have that confidence and not have that fear that something is just going to ‘pop’ and happen. So again, I’m super, super stoked that I came to ARPwave. I'[m feeling really, really good. Every day is a journey and I’m just continuing to get better and stronger. That really excites me and I’m happy right now.”

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Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab is the leading sports medicine and pain management clinic in San Antonio. We offer accelerated injury recovery, pain management, post-surgery rapid rehab, and sports performance and fitness services, using the FDA approved, patented, proprietary, and proven ARPwave system.

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