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ARPwave Testimonial for College Soccer Player with Knee Pain and Tendonitis

In the demanding world of college athletics, injuries can be a significant barrier to performance and success. Dante, a sophomore soccer player at the University of Texas A&M San Antonio, faced such challenges with persistent knee pain and tendonitis in both knees. His journey to recovery through ARPwave therapy at Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab illustrates the powerful impact this innovative treatment can have on an athlete’s performance and overall well-being.

Dante’s knee pain and tendonitis severely hampered his ability to play soccer, making every training session and match a struggle. Traditional treatments had limited success, leaving him in constant discomfort and affecting his mobility. Discovering ARPwave therapy marked a pivotal moment in his recovery. The ARPwave system uses electrical stimulation to accelerate healing, reduce pain, and enhance muscle performance, offering a comprehensive solution to Dante’s chronic pain.

Remarkably, Dante began to experience significant improvements after just a few sessions of ARPwave therapy. He could walk up stairs without pain and noticed a marked enhancement in his training performance. The transformation was so profound that even his teammates commented on his increased speed and agility. This external validation was a testament to the effectiveness of the therapy, boosting Dante’s confidence and morale.

The improvements in Dante’s condition had a tangible impact on his team’s performance as well. In what was essentially their first full season, the team, initially ranked 11th out of 12, finished in fourth place and made it to the playoffs. Dante played a crucial role, contributing seven assists throughout the season. The ability to play pain-free allowed him to give his best effort on the field, underscoring how ARPwave therapy was instrumental in his athletic success.

Dante’s story is a compelling example of how ARPwave therapy can help athletes overcome debilitating injuries and return to peak performance. For those struggling with tendonitis, knee pain, or other sports-related injuries, Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab offers a promising and effective solution. Dante’s recommendation highlights the transformative potential of ARPwave therapy in restoring athletes’ abilities and helping them excel in their sports.



“Hi, my name is Dante. I’m currently a sophomore in college, playing at the University of Texas A&M San Antonio. I play college soccer there.

The reason I came into ARPwave was because I was struggling with knee pain and tendonitis in actually, both of my knees. So, I found it really difficult to play on that type of injury and I’m very glad that I found this place.

After the first couple of sessions, I was already noticing a huge difference. I was able to walk up the stairs without any pain. I was doing so much better in training, even my teammates were letting me know I looked a lot faster. Which was something that made me pretty happy to hear. So, I was really glad to know that these treatments, even though I was noticing the difference in myself, other were noticing the great improvements that I had.

As a program we were only in our second year playing soccer there at school, so we didn’t have much expectations honestly on the season and where we were going to end. We were ranked 11th out of 12 teams to finish and we blew everyone away. We finished fourth place, making it to playoffs in only our first year of the program. Technically our first year because last year was a mess [due to COVID]. But I was super happy to be able to help out the team and finish the season with seven assists. I was able to give it my all because this therapy really helped me out.

If you’re an athlete like me, struggling with tendonitis, knee pain or any other injuries, I would easily recommend coming to Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab and trying the ARPwave therapy.”


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